Sustainability Statement

From design to manufacturing, every step of our production process is constructed with careful consideration for the environment and the people behind the products. As a result, our pieces are high quality, low impact, and strive to serve as a reminder that supporting sustainability doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. 

Thoughtful Design

Expertly designed with longevity in mind, our minimal pieces are intended for maximum wear. 
Favoring the staple over the seasonal and the timeless over the trendy, every Gaia Léon is vastly versatile and as efficient as it is elegant.

Mindful Materials

In response to the ever growing ecological footprint for which the fashion industry is responsible, we sought sustainable and innovative alternatives that would provide consumers with an opportunity to buy less and buy better. While many vegan alternatives to leather often rely on plastic-derived materials and toxic chemicals, all of our products are crafted of the highly stable, organic, and earth-friendly NOPAL CACTUS. Materials matter, and by choosing cactus we choose PVC free, phthalate free, toxic free, and cruelty free.

Responsible Manufacturing

Built on shared vision and a foundation of transparency, our partnerships have been carefully selected to ensure our high ethical and environmental standards are met at every step from cactus plant to cactus bag. From sourcing in Guadalajara to manufacturing in León, our production process takes place entirely in Mexico and it favours local materials, local production and local artisans. By keeping our supply chain simple and regionalized, we keep our transportation routes short, our carbon emissions low, and our supervision sharp.