Worlds`s first Vegan NFT Bag Collection

Swiss Design - Vegan Cactus Bags -

Presented at New York Fashion Week 2022

Swiss Quality Standards

Swiss Quality Standards

Designed in Switzerland - Handmade in Mexico by crafted artisans.

10 Year Warranty Guarantee

10 Year Warranty Guarantee

Gaia Léon fashion pieces are collectibles of the highest standard.

Support Handmade Craft

Support Handmade Craft

Our bags are made from local materials and locally produced by local artisans.

Save the Environment

Save the Environment

Our vegan leather-alternative saves a lot of water and captures carbon in arid climates.

This cactus is
smooth as silk

Our raw material is sourced from a usda organic cactus farm in Zacatecas, Mexico, where the nopal is native, typical, and abundant. Here, the cactus, needing solely rainwater and minerals from the earth to thrive, is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or an irrigation system, and seamlessly blends with the wild flora of the region.

Our Sustainable Cactus Leather

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By simply choosing to wear a beautiful, vegan alternative, you are making a difference.


1 Cactus Planted For Every Bag

That is our promise to you and our planet. We want to make a positive contribution to nature, especially in arid climates.

The nopal cactus preserves biodiverse regions and stays incredibly resilient to extreme climates.

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Luxury Eco Materials

Help us reduce the fashion industry's
environmental impact

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